Other Kinks
       Here is a list of a few of my other kinks other than macrophilia.
1. Wings = Like angel wings, demon wings, fairy wings, ect. don't know why such really turns me on just does.

2. Bondage = I like bondage to a degree long as is with someone i really like and can trust and is kept fairly gentle sort of like captive love slave.  No s&m activity with it or humiliation also a side part is me rping a fallen angel that is wounded and being nursed back to health but tied up for my own protection and my captor/caring healer does a bit of "effection" while in such state

3. Cuddling/Kissing = always a turn on tho my shy and often inability to feel worth to do anything with someone can make some think i'm not interested which is furthest from the case but will warm up n get into it more and more as time goes on exspecially if they make the starting move

4. Foot Fetish = As this one i have always liked feet but only recently been getting more actively envolved into so much is there for me to exsplore on this

5. Goth/Apparel = Love dressing in gothic outfits and or other elaborate garb and exspecially the makeup

6.Showering with other men is an exstreme turn on for me and love to do so as much as possible hotubs work too
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